Are you ready for the Big Issue Challenge at the National Housing Conference?

big-issue-ls (002)

The Big Issue Challenge is a unique opportunity for delegates at this year’s National Housing Conference, that makes a real difference. Together with your colleagues, you will join a vendor on the streets of Sydney to assist them in selling their magazines.

Prior to the Challenge, participants will engage in an informative session on homelessness and disadvantage with a staff representative from The Big Issue and with a magazine vendor. The vendor will share some of their life experiences, as well as the impact that being involved with The Big Issue has had upon their life.

The Big Issue Challenge from The Big Issue Australia on Vimeo.

After splitting into teams, participants will brainstorm ideas and prepare a sales campaign before hitting the streets alongside a vendor to try to sell as many copies as possible during your allocated time.

The Challenge is a fantastic way to gain firsthand experience, test your skills in resilience and creativity as you take to the streets alongside the Big Issue vendors.

This half-day experience to be held on Wednesday morning (29 November) is available for groups of up to 30 people. Don’t miss your chance to get involved – email to secure your place.