Second international keynote speaker for #NHCSydney

nhc delegates

As the Federal Government pushes to implement the National Housing Finance Investment Corporation (NHFIC), we are pleased to announce that the leader of the UK equivalent, Mr Piers Williamson will join NHC 2017 as a keynote speaker.Piers

Mr Williamson is the foremost international voice on affordable housing finance, currently running the Housing Finance and Investment Corporation in the UK, which administers £5 billion in loans to housing associations. He is a key adviser to the Australian Government on the development of the NHFIC.

Following his keynote address, Mr Williamson will join a panel of local experts to examine what conditions are required in Australian to optimise the success of the NHIFC and what other layers of innovation will help to jump-start the supply of more affordable housing.

He joins keynote speaker Evan Siddall in further enriching the conference program and bringing a unique international perspective. Mr Siddall, Chief Executive Officer of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation will deliver a presentation titled “Designing a National Housing Strategy for Canada: Lessons Learned”.

With the Federal and state governments negotiating a new National Housing and Homelessness Agreement, it will be invaluable to get the inside story on the Canadian National Housing Strategy and to understand their experiences in developing, negotiating and implementing a national housing strategy in a federated context. In particular, how does the Canadian National Housing Strategy focus upon the supply of social and affordable housing?

The full National Housing Conference program will be released next week. Visit to find out more.