Conference Host

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Together with the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI), the New South Wales Department of Family and Community Services is pleased to be hosting the National Housing Conference 2017 in Sydney.

The Department is committed to enabling vulnerable people to participate fully in New South Wales social and economic life and build stronger, more sustainable and inclusive communities. Each year the Department directly supports around 800,000 people, reaches a further million people through local community-based programs, and provides over a million seniors cards.

In January 2016, the NSW Government released Future Directions for Social Housing in NSW, which sets out the government’s vision for social housing over the next 10 years.

Future Directions looks at the whole continuum of housing – from homelessness to the private market. It represents a significant step towards a more diversified, flexible and innovative social housing system, capable of assisting more people to improve their level of economic and social engagement and independence. It will deliver improved service and choice for clients and will help de-concentrate areas of disadvantage by creating a mixed communities comprising social, affordable and private housing.

The three overarching goals of Future Directions are to provide:
• more social housing
• more opportunities, support and incentives to avoid and /or leave social housing
• a better customer experience in social housing.