The National Housing Conference in 2017 will deliver a diverse range of plenary and concurrent sessions, so you have the ability to tailor your NHC experience to topics that are relevant and of interest to you.

NHC 2017 program update

In 2017 the policy debate on many housing and homelessness issues is fast moving and major progress is expected before our November conference. The NHC program will purposely evolve in-line with these major conversations and will cover highly relevant topics including:

  • The development of an affordable housing industry – what are the key measures to move from an affordable housing sector to a robust industry at scale?
  • Family and domestic violence – what further policy reform is required to provide safe and secure housing for those fleeing family violence?
  • Innovative tenancy management – what impact will increased competition and choice have on social housing and tenancy management?
  • Transformation of the homelessness system – in the context of NPAH and NAHA funding uncertainty, how can we continue the focus on early intervention and prevention?
  • Housing affordability – six months on from the 2017 federal budget, what policy changes have been introduced to address this nationally critical issue?
  • Institutional investment – is the development of an Australian Affordable Housing Finance Corporation the key to increasing the supply of affordable housing?
  • The state of housing policy – what is the status of housing policy in each state and territory and how can these jurisdictions work together to affect real change?

This is just a snapshot, and with over 30 sessions across three days there will be ample opportunity for further analysis of these and other topics relevant to our sector.

A detailed draft program including invited speakers and accepted abstract submissions will be available mid-July.

Program experience streams

NHC 2017 will continue the tradition of delivering a strategic and ‘audience-driven’ program including high quality, policy-relevant evidence, international and local examples of best practice and leading policy initiatives at the state/territory and federal level.

Underpinning the program will be the four returning major conference experience streams:

Experience stream 1 – Innovation in delivery
International and local examples of best practice in service delivery across the housing and homelessness sectors. In this stream, hear from the experts who are delivering real change through the application of innovative programs and initiatives.

Experience stream 2 – Leadership in ideas
New and fresh ideas are critical in the fast paced, technologically disrupted 21st century. In this stream, engage with the leaders who are driving new ideas across the housing continuum and participate in healthy debate with speakers and fellow delegates to progress these new ideas.

Experience stream 3 – Strategies for transformation
A robust evidence-base is fundamental to real policy and practice change. This stream offers an opportunity to engage with the latest research evidence and debate how that research can translate into new policy settings that will in turn enhance program delivery.

Experience stream 4 – Think Tank conversations
The Think Tank is all about collective wisdom – recognising the vast knowledge, experience and ideas of NHC delegates. In the Think Tank stream, delegates can listen to short, thematically grouped presentations and provide real-time feedback amongst a small group of interested peers.

To view a program snapshot, which highlights the flow of our program across the three days, please download here:

Download the NHC 2017 Program