Program Advisors

Program Advisory Group – expert members confirmed to date

In developing an integrated, multi-disciplinary program for NHC 2017, AHURI and NSW FACS are drawing on the invaluable input and strategic advice from the following experts in the various associated sectors and disciplines.

We are delighted to welcome and thank NHC 2017 Program Advisors:

• Prof Nicole Gurran, AHURI Research Centre Director, University of Sydney
• Carrie Hamilton, Associate, Housing Action Network
• Sarah Hill, CEO, Greater Sydney Commission
• Tracy Howe, Chief Executive Officer, NCOSS
• Digby Hughes, Senior Policy and Research Officer, Homelessness NSW
• Paul McBride, Group Manager, Social Security Policy Group, Department of Social Services
• Prof Hal Pawson, AHURI Research Centre Director, University of NSW
• Mary Perkins, Executive Officer, Shelter NSW
Marty Robinson, Principal Advisor, Social Policy Division, The Treasury
• Peta Winzar, Executive Director, Community Housing Industry Association