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Major concurrent session

Thursday 30 November 2017
11.00am – 12.30pm
Meeting room C4.8, ICC

MAJ2: State(s) of housing policy and the new National Housing and Homelessness Agreement

In the context of the new National Housing and Homelessness Agreement (NHHA) how are the States and Territories responding to this new framework. This session presents a round-up of housing policy innovation from across the nation.

Presentation and panel discussion to be followed by audience Q&A

Session sponsored by Argyle





Mr Phillip Fagan-Schmidt
Executive Director, Housing SA
Philip Fagan-Schmidt holds the position of Executive Director, Housing SA. The agency provides public and private housing services, funds and sets the direction for the homeless service sector, and manages remote indigenous housing. Philip has worked widely across government a... view
Mr Nick Foa
Deputy Secretary Sport & Recreation, Infrastructure, International Engagement and Director of Housing - VIC
Nick is the Deputy Secretary Sport & Recreation, Infrastructure, International Engagement and Director of Housing in the Department of Health and Human Services. Nick joined the department in December 2014 as Deputy Secretary, Sport a... view
Mr Peter White
Chief Executive, Housing and Disability Reform, DHHS Tasmania
Peter has worked for the Tasmanian Government for over 25 years, with over 10 years in Housing Tasmania. He has an extensive history in the development of new housing and facilitating the growth of community housing providers. Peter managed t... view
Ms Louise Gilding
Executive Director, Housing and Homeless Services, Community Services Directorate, ACT Government
Louise is a strong believer in serving the ACT community and has done so for the last 20 years. She currently leads the delivery of public housing and homelessness services in the ACT which includ... view
Ms Caryn Kakas
Executive Director, Housing, Family and Community Services NSW
Caryn Kakas has over 15 years of experience in Government policy and housing. She was appointed to the role of Executive Director of Housing in early 2016 and leads on Housing and Homelessness policy and programs; intergovernmental relations and Cabin... view
Mr Greg Cash
Assistant Director General Housing, Department of Communities WA
Greg Cash is the Assistant Director General Housing at the Department of Communities and is responsible for the delivery and management of specialised rental services across the public housing, Aboriginal remote and town-based housing and Government Regional Officer Housing program... view
Mr Jamie Chalker APM
CEO, Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD)
Jamie was appointed as the CEO of DHCD in December 2016 following a policing career in the Northern Territory that commenced in 1994. He spent more than half of this policing career based outside of Darwin which included general dutie... view
Ms Christine Castley
Deputy Director-General, Housing and Homelessness Services, Department of Housing and Public Works, Queensland Government
Christine has over 20 years’ experience in the public sector, and has served in multiple senior leadership roles across the Queensland Government. She joined the Department of Housing and Public Works in March 2016. ... view
Mr Paul McBride
Group Manager, Social Security Policy Group, Department of Social Services
Paul McBride is currently Group Manager of Welfare & Housing Reform Group with the Department of Social Service. In 2012, Paul joined the Department of Social Services, (previously the Department of Families, Housing , Community Services and Indigenous Affairs) ... view


Dr Michael Fotheringham
Deputy Executive Director, AHURI Limited
Michael Fotheringham is a research and policy development specialist with experience in a wide range of areas including public health, housing for asylum seekers and the aged, and supported accommodation for people with disabilities. Michael has expertise in building resear... view