Ms Desley Gallagher

Director, Nine Mile Aboriginal Corporation & Project Officer, Nyaliga Aboriginal Corporation

Ms Desley Gallagher

Desley Gallagher is a Director of Nine Mile Aboriginal Corporation, and Project Officer for Nyaliga Aboriginal Corporation. Desley is a Ngarinyin woman who resides in Guda Guda (otherwise known as Nine Mile) which is located within the undetermined Balanggarra 3 Native Title claim (WC00/6) area, Reserve 25238, and is managed by the Aboriginal Land Trust (ALT).

Nine Mile Aboriginal Corporation was established in 2015 and represents the needs and aspirations of community members living in Nine Mile. Nine Mile community was established in the late 1970’s and has approximately 54 residents, and is located approximately 10 kilometers south-east of Wyndham township in the East Kimberley.

Nyaliga Aboriginal Corporation represents the Traditional Owners (TO’s) from Nyaliga home country, Desley’s mother’s country. Nyaliga are in the divestment process with Indigenous Land Corporation who are supporting Nyaliga to take back ownership and management of their home country. Desley has strong leadership skills and plays a significant role in both Corporations, in developing and driving projects.

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