Thinking outside the box at the National Housing Conference


Embracing innovation in the housing sector is a key focus of The National Housing Conference 2017.  The Conference will feature practitioners and policymakers at the forefront of new approaches and best practice.

Programs that promote community-wide collaboration and involvement can make a significant difference to helping people who are experiencing homelessness. The Collaboration, culture and community: leading practice in homelessness session features a series of presentations that consider whole of community responses to homelessness, including culturally appropriate solutions for Indigenous people, and community development programs that provide genuine choice for at risk young people.

It seems like there is an app for everything these days but did you know that housing organisations are harnessing Digital technology for tenants and the homeless? From using geospatial technology to help rough sleepers connect with service providers to online programs that empower residents to engage with government, this session features case study presentations that examine how digital technology can help deliver the best outcomes for social housing clients, and people experiencing homelessness.

A panel of experts will present Thursday morning’s sunrise session, Energising social housing – Energy innovation in practice. This session will explore how housing can become more energy efficient, reducing spiralling energy costs for tenants, housing providers and lower income homeowners. Some community housing providers see environmentally sustainable housing as a practical option for mitigating risk and delivering reduced operational and maintenance costs. As there is a limited capacity available for each sunrise session, please register online to reserve your place.

Two sessions in our Think Tank sessions will explore emerging design practices in the delivery of social and affordable housing. Valerie Bares, Director of Sustainability and Environmental Management, ESC Consulting will present ‘A place for tiny houses…’ and Alexandra McRobert, PhD Candidate at the School of Architecture, Design and Planning at the University of Sydney will present her Think Tank session, ‘What role can architects play in addressing housing affordability?’

These leading edge sessions are sure to inspire new thinking and innovative approaches for better housing outcomes.