Working together to effect change: sponsors share thoughts on NHC


The generous support of our sponsors makes such an incredible difference to our capacity to provide you all with a challenging and engaging conference.

We’re grateful to have so many enthusiastic sponsors on board and it’s brilliant to see organisations supporting #NHCSydney at all levels.

One company taking the opportunity to partner with NHC is the National Affordable Housing Consortium (NAHC) who along with Places for People have come on board as Platinum sponsors. Managing Director, Mike Myers, believes the Conference has the power to create new leadership thinking.

“We have noticed that as the housing space changes, there are many in the community and private sector who understand the importance of working together and this has drawn them in both as exhibitors and sponsors – organisations that we normally would not had involved before,” he said.

“Meeting housing need across Australia requires a new national effort. The delivery of 200,000 new social and affordable homes and a more flexible and responsive housing system demands change from governments, industry, financial institutions and the community. No change from us means no change for anyone,” Mike said.

Gold sponsor Fast Connect has also come on board because of their well-founded belief that for the housing sector to flourish it needs to be serviced professionally and well. Managing Director, Jon Fahie, believes that affordable housing and essential services should be accessible for all, and that their company is able to provide simple yet very effective solutions for essential services.

“A quick, easy and reliable solution significantly contributes to minimising moving stress, along with a consistent pathway for Housing Groups to ensure clients are not exposed to aggressive and misleading sales tactics around lock-in energy contracts and other products,” he said.

“Commercially focused organisations like Fast Connect who demonstrate win–win outcomes for housing clients can truly add value while maintaining the aims of support and respect within the sector,” Jon said.

PAYCE, one of the premier property development and property investment companies in Sydney, has come on board as our official app sponsor. PAYCE Director, Dominic Sullivan, acknowledges the large housing shortage in NSW but sees the strength of the sector to work together to find solutions.

“We work across an amazing industry, one that builds communities, transforms places and provides people with a basic human need: housing. Everyone that is either involved or works across this sector should attend this conference to hear firsthand the insights and outcomes for creating a better tomorrow,” he said.

“The conference is most timely and can act as a catalyst for a range of actions, such as the release of land, funding options and infrastructure incentives,” Dominic said.

Supporting the on-going discussion of housing, and in particular affordable homes, is high on the Riverview Group agenda. They have come on board as Bronze sponsors because, says Group Director David Maxwell “… it is important for us to contribute to and learn from the national discussion on housing and both a sponsor and participant at the Conference”.

He said that Riverview is committed to leading by example. “Of all of the contributing elements to the successful delivery of affordable and sustainable homes, we believe strongly that innovative finance solutions, with an emphasis on shared equity or similar schemes is perhaps the key element for discussion at this time,” he said.

Riverview Developments, a member of the Corkhill Brothers group of companies, is the Joint Venture partner with the ACT Government for the development of the cross border Ginninderry project at West Belconnen (ACT) and Parkwood (NSW).

For more information and a full list of the Conference sponsors, visit the National Housing Conference website.