First Major Plenary Announced

State(s) of Housing

We are thrilled to announce our first major plenary for NHC 2019 – a national debate on Australia’s housing system with perspectives from every state and territory. In 2019 more than a million households in Australia are under housing stress. In this action-led session, housing chief executives from all states and territory housing departments will discuss a strategy for housing future communities across the country.

With all Australian cities grappling with an array of housing challenges, these policy leaders will share what works in their jurisdiction, outline their current policy priorities, and debate how states and territories can collaborate to better deliver housing and services to those in need.

This session will be facilitated by Peter Mares, author of No Place Like Home: Repairing Australia’s Housing Crisis. In his well-received second novel, Peter weaves research with lived experience to paint a picture of the Australian housing crisis; how we got here and where we are heading. He calls on housing policy makers to help achieve “housing justice” or “the core mission of reliably putting a roof over every head”.

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