Call for abstracts

Call for abstracts

Please note the call for abstracts has now closed. We are in the process of reviewing the long list of received abstracts. Abstract notifications will be sent out early April 2019.


The NHC aims to present sessions in line with policy development and pertinent housing priorities, sparking diverse, evidence-based discussion. For this reason, a wide range of researchers and practitioners have submitted abstracts, which are now being processed and incorporated into the #NHCDarwin program. The presentations these feed into may include standard speaker sessions, panels or workshops and Think Tank sessions. This enables a tailored, innovative program that maximises audience participation and keeps topics alive and engaging.

2019 topics include

  • Indigenous housing and homelessness
  • Housing as social infrastructure
  • Partnering with the private sector
  • Best practice in integrated housing support/tenancy management
  • Local government and housing policy
  • Affordable housing construction and design (urban, regional, international)
  • Social impact investment
  • Housing for people with disability
  • Financing affordable housing
  • Population growth, cities and decentralisation
  • Growth of the private rental sector
  • Sustainable housing and energy costs
  • Alternative affordable housing models
  • Housing and ageing
  • Urban renewal
  • Other (e.g. housing for refugees, regulation of the affordable housing industry)

This list is not exhaustive. We have invited the full spectrum of thought leadership and solutions in housing and cities. The conference plays an important role in guiding national dialogue, and we seek out a diversity of ideas in our programming.

While the call for abstracts has now closed, you can keep an eye on our ever-growing program here and other key dates here.