Civica Think Tank

Civica Think Tank presentation, discussion and Q&A

Apartment houses
Wednesday 28 August 2019
3.30pm – 5.00pm

Alternative Ownership Models

Engage in discussion on new and innovative pathways to home and land ownership. The emergence of crowdfunding investment platforms and other pioneering schemes look at how we can share equity and create home ownership opportunities for diverse groups of people.

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Arthur Naoumidis
Chief Executive Officer, DomaCom Ltd
With two decades as an IT consultant under his belt, Arthur moved into financial services, building operating systems and investment administration platforms for high profile broking houses and fund managers, before founding the very successful Praemium portfolio business, which list... view
Dr Cameron Murray
Economist. Consultant. Blogger. Author.
Cameron is an economist who consults to a variety of community groups and organisations looking to shape public policy. He specialises in housing, town planning, environmental protection, and corruption. His PhD in economics looked at social networks to predict which landowners receiv... view
Daisy Ashworth
Co-Founder, Mortgage Mates
During her 13 years experience working within the legal, housing and welfare space in both Australia and the United Kingdom, Daisy began to identify a growing gap in the housing and home ownership market. She noticed that younger generations we... view
Samantha Evans
Chief Executive Officer, Australian Affordable Housing Securities Ltd
Australian Affordable Housing Securities Chief Executive Officer Samantha Evans is a respected and highly sought-after property and finance professional, with more than 20 years’ experience in the housing sector in Australia and abroad. Samantha also holds the position of Compa... view
Jess Vesely
Co-Founder, Mortgage Mates
Having worked in the community development sector for the past 5 years, Jess has seen the negative impact of homelessness, unstable housing and reduced social connection on the wellbeing of individuals. This, alongside the personal experience of trying to ent... view


Neale Walsh
Director, Customer Engagement – Government & Social Housing Solutions, Civica Pty Limited
... view