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Minor concurrent session

A young mother and daughter sit on a bed in a dingy woman's support centre
Thursday 29 August 2019
11.00am – 12.30pm

Domestic and family violence

Contemporary research presentations and an expert panel investigate what factors contribute to better long-term safety and housing outcomes for women.



Assoc Prof Jan Breckenridge
Associate Professor and Acting Head of the School of Social Sciences, UNSW
Associate Professor Jan Breckenridge is Acting Head of the UNSW School of Social Sciences and Co-Convener of the UNSW Gendered Violence Research Network (GVRN). She has undertaken extensive work and research in the areas of gendered violence in particular domestic, fami... view
Dr Kyllie Cripps
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law; Deputy Director of the Indigenous Law Centre, UNSW
Dr Kyllie Cripps is a Pallawah woman and has worked extensively over the past twenty years in the areas of family violence, sexual assault and child abuse within Indigenous communities. Her work has been large... view
Dr Kathleen Flanagan
Research Fellow, University of Tasmania
Dr Kathleen Flanagan is a Research Fellow at the University of Tasmania. Prior to joining the University of Tasmania, Kathleen worked in the Tasmanian community sector, particularly with Anglicare’s highly-regarded Social Action and Research Centre. This work involved research a... view
Ken Marchingo AM
Chief Executive Officer, Haven Home Safe
Chief Executive Officer Ken Marchingo AM is a homelessness services and social housing specialist who has dedicated his working life to helping and housing the most vulnerable. Widely acknowledged for his expertise and professionalism, Ken was appointed as a Memb... view


Sherri Bruinhout
Assistant Director, Homelessness and Accommodation Support, Department of Health and Human Services VIC
Sherri Bruinhout is Assistant Director, Homelessness and Accommodation Support, Department of Health and Human Services (VIC). She has worked in government and non-government settings, contributing to the youth homelessness, affordable housing and community inclusio... view