Louise Gilding

Executive Group Manager, Housing ACT

 Louise Gilding

Louise is a strong believer in serving the ACT community and has done so for the last 20 years.  She currently leads the delivery of public housing and homelessness services in the ACT which includes responsibilities for TFM contract management, strategic policy and asset management, housing and homelessness policy, capital works and public housing renewal, program design and service delivery, and tenancy management.

Convinced that street homelessness can be ended in Canberra, Louise and her team are leading two of the five goals in the new ACT Housing Strategy that will aim to reduce homelessness and strengthen social housing assistance.

To this role Louise brings extensive public policy experience.  She has built numerous multi-disciplinary teams to solve complex problems.  Bringing together economic, legal and policy frameworks Louise has worked on a diverse range of policy issues including:

  • crafting strategic economic changes through the ACT Business Development Strategy
  • designing a trading scheme for gaming machines, and
  • law reform in work health and safety.

Louise is highly skilled at bringing together different academic thinking styles to clearly identify problems and deliver pragmatic solutions that result in positive community outcomes. Louise has an Executive Masters in Public Administration and has studied law, economics, public policy, community counselling and politics.



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