Adrian Warner

Executive Director Inter-governmental and Analytics, WA Department of Communities

 Adrian Warner

Adrian has senior level experience in a broad range of public sector, political and commercial roles and is currently employed in a senior executive role within the WA Department of Communities.  Previously, he worked with Novartis Pharmaceuticals Australia and spent two years as a policy advisor to senior Cabinet Ministers in the Rudd/Gillard governments following a successful 22 year career in the WA public sector, including over 12 years in executive management roles. He has a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Western Australia.

In his current role as Executive Director Inter-governmental and Analytics, Adrian has functional responsibility for the broad range of data analysis, forecasting and modelling; research analysis and partnerships; business performance analysis and reporting; market and environmental analysis; and whole of government and inter-government relations.  He is the convenor of the WA Housing Industry Forecasting Group.

Adrian has participated over several years in a range of inter-jurisdictional negotiations and consultative forums including the development of the NHFIC, NHHA and NPRH, and the current review of the NRSCH.