Alex Houlston

Director and Co-founder, BOOMPower

 Alex Houlston

Alex is a passionate and successful entrepreneur, who combines his strategic thinking with practical project experience and a collaborative approach. Since 2005, he has been part of some of Australia, and the UK’s most innovative, multi-million-dollar clean energy projects.

Alex has been working with the social housing sector for nearly 15 years. As Director and Co-founder of the BOOM! platform (an evolution of “Energy for the People”), Alex has been working with the Victorian community housing sector for over seven years to develop a resilient, commercial and cost-effective solution to implementing energy retrofits across the country.

In collaboration with the Community Housing Industry Association Victoria, Impact Investment Group, Bank Australia and the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, and with support from the Victorian Government’s New Energy Jobs Fund and Victorian Property Fund, Alex and the BOOM! team are now demonstrating their model with some of Australia’s largest community housing organisations.

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