Dr Amity James

Senior Lecturer. Curtin University

Dr Amity James

Amity James is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Economics, Finance and Property in the Faculty of Business and Law at Curtin University. She has previously held a Research Fellowship at the Institute for Social Science Research at the University of Queensland. Amity’s research interests have led her to develop strong housing research profile. In particular, her research has focussed on housing in later life, housing affordability and housing policy. She authored the book, Geographies of Ageing, published by Ashgate and most recently has led two research projects, funded by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, one which investigated the housing aspirations of older Australians and the other which examined effective downsizing options for older Australians. She has contributed to a number of projects funded by AHURI on topics including affordable housing delivery, the changing nature of the Australian private rental, access to this sector by low income households and the barriers which exist for them with the view of identifying opportunities and for delivering better outcomes. Amity’s research has also been published by the Bankwest Curtin Economic Centre, including a recent report  on older renters in the Western Australian private rental sector. She is involved in a number of steering committees locally that champion for the rights of older renters and those in precarious housing. Earlier this year, Amity was awarded New Researcher of the Year for 2018, in the Curtin University Faculty of Business and Law.

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