Dr Antony Moulis

Director, Architecture, Theory, Criticism and History Research Centre (ATCH), University of Queensland

Dr Antony Moulis

Associate Professor Antony Moulis is Director of the University of Queensland’s Architecture, Theory, Criticism and History Research Centre (ATCH). A design studio teacher in the School of Architecture, Moulis is involved in collaborative research of innovative housing, new city infill and water-sensitive urban and architectural design. The award-winning project One Room Tower, 2018 (Phorm architecture + design with Silvia Micheli and Antony Moulis) located in inner-city Brisbane, has been widely published across various media including ArchDaily and Japan’s GA Houses internationally, and HousesGreen and Sanctuary magazines nationally. His architectural writing and research spans professional and academic journals, including critical commentary on contemporary architecture.

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Thursday 29 August 2019
3.30pm – 5.00pm

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