Arthur Naoumidis

Chief Executive Officer, DomaCom Ltd

 Arthur Naoumidis

With two decades as an IT consultant under his belt, Arthur moved into financial services, building operating systems and investment administration platforms for high profile broking houses and fund managers, before founding the very successful Praemium portfolio business, which listed in 2006.

Arthur’s belief in the power of technology to transform markets, improve efficiency and engage consumers led him to introduce some of the advanced concepts he helped pioneer in the equity markets to the property sector, a market that has been relatively unchanged for generations.

To drive this forward he founded DomaCom Limited, now an ASX listed company (ASX:DCL), in 2011.

The result is fractional investment established on an improved technology platform delivered via a unique legal structure, effectively breaking down high-cost assets into affordable parcels enabling all Australians to participate in these assets with low entry levels.

The application of his vision is currently seen in the fractional property market in residential, disability housing, commercial, rural farmland and senior equity release. DomaCom is keen to include affordable housing solutions.

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