Dr Joe Flood

Urban Resources Consulting

Dr Joe Flood

Dr Joe Flood was one of the founders of AHURI and led many key research studies during the 1980s including the Housing Subsidies Study (which led  to the broad introduction of Commonwealth Rent Assistance), the National Housing Policy Review (which converted Commonwealth public housing loans to grants) and the Effects of Housing Expenditure on Employment. Since 1993 much of his work has been international and includes the global Housing Indicators Programme, the Global Report on Human Settlements 2003 (Challenge of Slums), the costing of Millennium targets for global slum improvement, and a housing strategy for Myanmar. From 2015-7 he was Research and Policy Adviser for Community Housing Limited, where he worked on an affordable housing project for Rwanda, the wind-down of NRAS, homelessness policy, a review of Transitional Housing, a furniture industry for Timor Leste and on active management of the stock using BCA.

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