Mr John Nicolades

Chief Executive Officer. Bridge Housing Limited

Mr John Nicolades

John has led Bridge Housing Limited since 2006. Under his leadership, the organisation has grown from 650 to 3,500 properties; providing safe and secure affordable housing to more than 5,000 residents. He has successfully transformed Bridge Housing from a small not-for-profit organisation into a company that has a strong social purpose, founded on an efficient and effective business, with a clear and disciplined strategic focus to deliver more social and affordable housing.

Prior to joining Bridge Housing, John held senior positions in the NSW Government and the community services sector. John led affordable housing policy development in the NSW Department of Planning and NSW Housing from 2000–05. From 1990–99 he was Community Services Manager with the Uniting Church Board for Social Responsibility, overseeing child care, disability services, home and community care services, as well as housing policy development.

He is an independent director on the national Community Housing Industry Association Board. He has advised federal and state governments on housing policy.

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