Assoc Prof Kate Tregloan

Adjunct Associate Professor, Monash University

Assoc Prof Kate Tregloan

Kate focuses on the contributions that the creative disciplines and creative education can make to interdisciplinary activities.

Before joining Monash University in 2011, Kate contributed to a number of architecture and interdisciplinary design programs and practices in NSW, Tasmania and Victoria.

Kate is a registered architect, and applies her experience as a designer and maker of buildings, spatial experiences, objects and other outcomes to collaborative and interdisciplinary research projects. She has a particular research interest in the values and judgments that influence both the production and assessment of creative work.

Research outcomes include resources to support creative education and practices, such as the eRubric interactive assessment tool, and the internationally award-winning RIPL POE evaluation framework for housing for people with disability. She was chief investigator of Multiple Measures, an Office for Learning and Teaching-funded project that investigated assessment approaches for interdisciplinary education including the creative disciplines.

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