Mark Morel

Peer Support Worker, Neami National

 Mark Morel

Mark Morel is employed by Neami National as a peer support worker. He was sleeping rough in Sydney from 2013 to 2016. Mark has been in this role since January 2018. His role covers two areas of homelessness in the Sydney LGA, outreach and post crisis. From being homeless three years ago to where he is now has been a life changing experience. Its quite a transition from being homeless to helping and being kind to people he used to walk past during his busy life, before things went wrong.

Experience is invaluable in any walk of life and even though the experience Mark brings to his role can sometimes be dark and difficult, it opens doors to engaging and building trust with our clients.

Mark had no previous experience of the work or sector he chose to take on and while it has taken time and a lot of questions to adjust to this environment he feels changed and energised to be doing work that really does mean something.

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