Nicola Foxworthy

Program Director, Common Equity Housing Limited

 Nicola Foxworthy

Nicola Foxworthy has been working in the area of housing policy and strategy development in the community and government sectors for more than 25 years.

Nicola is Program Director at Common Equity Housing Limited (CEHL), Victoria’s largest registered Housing Association by assets and the only one that supports the co-operative model.  CEHL is a committed provider and developer of secure tenure affordable housing that enables member control and builds supportive communities.

Nicola is also founding Chair of the Affordable Housing Industry Advisory Group, an independently formed, cross-industry alliance of representatives from across the residential development industry who share a common interest in improving affordable housing supply. The Group is using its considerable experience in the residential industry to provide advice to the Victorian government on developing effective and viable approaches that can contribute to new affordable housing supply.

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