Nicola Lemon

CEO, Hume Community Housing

 Nicola Lemon

Nicola Lemon is the CEO Of Hume Community Housing, one of New South Wales’ largest Tier 1 housing providers and is charged with making a positive difference to the lives of more than 9,000 customers across metropolitan and regional NSW. She is focused on building a more equitable world – one where those most vulnerable have access to safe, secure housing and services to enable them to prosper, contribute and assume their meaningful place in society.

Nicola positions Hume as a profit-for-purpose organisation – in the conviction that community housing providers must be outstanding business organisations first and foremost. Since her appointment in 2008, Nicola has forged a thriving organisation, one that is financially sustainable, focussed on business growth, innovation, commitment to purpose, and accountability.

Nicola’s business acumen, appreciation for data, and ongoing commitment to customer-centric service delivery make Hume a truly contemporary community housing organisation. In 2018 and under her leadership, Hume doubled its customer base by successfully securing one of the largest social housing transfers awarded in NSW. In February 2019, Hume was announced as the first Community Housing Provider to be granted access to a finance deal through the National Housing Investment Finance and Investment Corporation, demonstrating further confidence in both Hume and the sector.

Nicola champions consultation with customers, employees, and partners to foster continual organisational and industry improvement. She is committed to providing holistic, long-term solutions that support education, and well-being. Equipping people with a roof over their heads together with opportunities to improve their economic and social well-being has seen record numbers of Hume customers successfully navigate their way into private housing, secure jobs, volunteering opportunities, and improved social outcomes. Hume has won multiple industry awards for its innovative community cohesion programs.

Hume has been recognised with multiple awards, including Zest Awards for outstanding community cohesion programs, Outstanding Employer of Choice Award from the NSW Business Chamber and Nicola was recently named as an Outstanding Business Leader by the NSW Business Chamber.

Nicola contributes to elevating the sector by engendering confidence in Community Housing Providers as being capable of delivering cost-effective and efficient housing and social cohesion solutions. She has been a Board member of PowerHousing Australia since 2012 and has held the post of Chairperson since 2016.

Before joining Hume, Nicola held roles in housing associations in the United Kingdom. She has led regeneration projects, large-scale real estate renewal programs, new-build constructions, and service delivery design projects. Nicola holds a degree in Business Law.

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