Nicola Lemon

CEO, Hume Community Housing

 Nicola Lemon

Nicola is a CEO who is passionate about social justice and facilitating long lasting changes and improvements within communities through providing quality housing and social services to those in need. She is driven by the pursuit of implementing best practice, driving innovation for change and has been working hard to position Hume Community Housing as a leader in the housing sector.

During her past eight years at Hume, Nicola has led the organisation through a period of significant change. As a strategic partner to the Board, Nicola is responsible for driving and managing the organisation’s growth, developing and delivering the strategic plan, development and implementation of continuous improvement programs, compliance regulation, stakeholder management, corporate partnerships and upskilling Hume’s workforce so that the organisation reaches its full potential. As a result of operational and functional programs implemented under Nicola’s leadership Hume has achieved Class 1 Registration status whilst focussing on their social missions and commitments to their customers. Nicola champions a customer orientated organisation which continuously consults and engages with customers and suppliers to deliver continual organisational and industry improvement in Hume’s housing and support services.

Nicola’s comprehensive business and community housing career has been accomplished through a variety of associations in the UK and Australia ranging from associations managing 4,500 to 70,000 properties. In all of her positions Nicola has been a driver for change, delivery and management of frontline housing and community development programs, organisational growth, improvement, compliance and regulation and development programs, establishing robust risk management systems and setting up group procurement structures.

Nicola’s practical work experience is complimented by her academic background in Business Law, Housing Management and Leadership and Training.

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