Peter Malone

Manager Business and Property Development, Hume Community Housing

 Peter Malone

Peter has over 15 years’ experience in the community housing sector managing all areas of the community housing business.

Prior to joining Hume, Peter held senior roles at Evolve Housing, Ansett Australia and Defence Housing Authority managing the asset portfolio and acquisitions. In his role at Defence Housing he was responsible for acquiring properties; these properties were then placed on the sale and lease back program. In his role as Operations Manager for Ansett Australia he was part of the development team that constructed the new domestic terminal (now the domestic 2 terminal).

Whilst Peter was the CEO of Western Suburbs Housing he was instrumental in the merger of Western Suburbs Community Housing and Cumberland Community Housing to create Evolve Community Housing. On behalf of Evolve he secured over 48 million dollars through a number of tender processes to deliver 190 units over a two year period using both Debit Equity and Social Housing Growth Funds.  Peter led the development team to construct six developments, constructing three unit blocks consisting of 91 units as well as developing the first platinum level group home in Australia. As Part of the Hume team Peter has developed over 120 properties for both affordable and Social housing. He also secured 130 shared homes for people living with a disability, Peter has been an integral player in the SDA space since the NDIS commenced and has a wealth of knowledge in the design requirements of SDA properties.

Peter has signed over 700 property management agreements for both Hume and Evolve securing private development units under NRAS and the Affordable Housing SEPP.

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