Philip Fagan-Schmidt

Senior Associate, Altera Consultants

 Philip  Fagan-Schmidt

Philip’s areas of interest are in housing policy to reduce homelessness and the provision of housing for socially disadvantaged groups.

He has broad experience dealing with diverse stakeholders having held Executive positions for 23 years in the South Australian Government, including Cabinet Office (Premiers Department), Health and Community Services.

From 2009 to June 2018 he was Executive Director, Housing SA. In that role was awarded a Queens Birthday Public Service Medal (PSM) for outstanding service in the area of social housing policy and practice.

Philip has been a Board member of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute and the Chair of the Housing Chief Executives Committee (national body advising Housing Ministers).

Philip holds a Master’s in Public Policy and Administration and has taught at Flinders University and the University of South Australia.

Philip brings a breadth of practical and theoretical expertise in strategic policy review, management, leadership support and mentoring.

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