Prof Rachel Ong ViforJ

Professor of Economics - School of Economics, Finance and Property, Curtin University

Prof Rachel Ong ViforJ

Rachel Ong ViforJ is currently Professor of Economics at the School of Economics, Finance and Property, Curtin University.  Rachel was the recipient of the Professor Mike Berry Award for Excellence in Housing Research in 2019. She also received the Young Economist Award in 2018 and is the first female economist to be honoured with this award.

Rachel has published widely in globally recognised interdisciplinary housing and economics journals. Her housing research is often cited in parliamentary debates and senate inquiry reports. Her housing research has attracted considerable media attention nationally. She is a member of the National Economic Panel in 2017, a panel comprising leading economists in Australia who comment on topical economic issues. She is also a member of the Steering Committee for the Asia Pacific Network for Housing Research.

Rachel’s research interests include the role of housing in Australia’s ageing population, intergenerational housing concerns, housing pathways, housing affordability dynamics, and the links between housing and non-shelter outcomes including workforce participation, health and wellbeing. She is currently undertaking research in three major areas – the edges of home ownership, mortgage stress among ageing home owners, and the treatment of housing assets in retirement.

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