Rebecca Oelkers

Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Chief Operations Officer, BHC

 Rebecca  Oelkers

Rebecca Oelkers is Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operations Officer for BHC and is also responsible for the Business Development and Strategic Projects functions at BHC. Rebecca has worked in the field of community and affordable housing for the past 13 years, leading a number of high profile projects including the establishment of the Gold Coast Housing Company of which she was the inaugural CEO.  More recently, in an Australian-first for affordable housing funding, Rebecca was responsible for the creation of Gladstone Affordable Housing, securing initial contributions of almost $20m from three Gladstone LNG proponents. Rebecca plays a key strategic role for BHC in identifying new partnerships, business models and opportunities to enhance the future of the Company.

Rebecca has a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Arts and has presented at national, state and local housing forums on housing affordability issues.