Rhianon Vichta-Ohlsen

Research and Evaluation Coordinator, Brisbane Youth Service

 Rhianon Vichta-Ohlsen

Rhianon Vichta-Ohlsen is the Research and Evaluation Coordinator for Brisbane Youth Service, playing a key role in leading BYS’s organisational commitment to evidence-informed practice and to measuring the outcomes of their work with young people experiencing risks associated with homelessness.   This includes seeking innovative ways to overcome the complexities and challenges involved measuring change with highly transient and crisis-driven young people.  Rhianon is also driving BYS’s ongoing research into the complex, intersecting and emerging issues that impact young people who are experiencing homelessness, vulnerability and disadvantage.  Rhianon became an evaluator after spending more than 20 years delivering, designing, managing and working to improve social programs both in Australia and overseas. Throughout her career journey from crisis counsellor to CEO, she continued to seek answers to the fundamental question “How do we know we are making a real difference?”. Rhianon specialises in working within the community sector, building individual and organisational capacity to use pragmatic evaluative approaches that enable services to provide the best possible services for the people who need them most.

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