Sandra Carrasco

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Melbourne

 Sandra Carrasco

Sandra M. Carrasco M. (BArch, MSc, PhD) is a Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne, Australia, under the MacKenzie Postdoctoral Fellowship. Sandra graduated from Kyoto University, Japan, where she completed her master and doctorate studies. Her research and professional experience include Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Chile, Indonesia and Peru. She focuses on topics related to post-disaster reconstruction and community resilience, as well as studies on NGOs involvement in reconstruction and community recovery. Recently she is looking for alternatives to connect post-disaster housing reconstruction to the processes of the informal development of housing as the expression of people’s self-production of their habitat. Dr Carrasco’s research is centred to resident issues in massively built housing projects after disasters, the analysis of the transformation of the built environment and the appropriateness of rebuilt settlements, incremental housing, informal settlements and multi-stakeholders processes for post-disaster recovery, governance and city planning.

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