Shane Jakupec

Regional Manager, Neami National

 Shane Jakupec

Shane Jakupec works as a regional manager for Neami National in NSW. He has worked in the community managed mental health sector since 2000 and been working with the specialist homelessness sector since 2012. He has worked with programs such as the Housing, Accommodation and Support Initiative (HASI), Partners in Recovery (PIR) and Assertive Outreach Homelessness. Shane has qualifications in mental health, training and leadership and recently completed a Master of Social Work (qualifying). Shane’s work history has included direct service delivery, management and leadership, working as a trainer and also in service development. Shane has recently been involved in the implementation of the Supported Transition and Engagement Program (STEP) in Inner Sydney. STEP is a recently funded program by the NSW Family and Community Services Department that provides funding for head leasing and support for people to move out of homelessness and into safe, secure housing with support for up to a three year period.

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