Prof Stan Grant

Griffith University

Prof Stan Grant

Stan Gran has a 30 year career in journalism. He has anchored major programs in Australia and internationally. He has reported from more than 60 countries covering the major events of the last two decades: war in Iraq and Afghanistan, international terrorism, the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, the Pakistan earthquake, 2005 tsunami, Japan quake, tsunami and nuclear crisis, the end of apartheid in South Africa and release of Nelson Mandela, the Northern Ireland troubles and ceasefire, the death of princess Diana, the hand over of Hong Kong, a decade covering the China and North Korea.

In his role within the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science at Griffith University, Stan leads and engages public discussion on key global issues and how they impact Australia. Stan is a Wiradjuri man who has authored two books; Talking to My Country and Tears of Strangers. His knowledge and experience render him well suited to lead the dialogue on Indigenous housing at #NHCDarwin.


Stan appears by arrangement with Claxton Speakers International.

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Wednesday 28 August 2019
9.10am – 9.50am

Plenary session

Opening Keynote Address

Proud Wiradjuri man Stan Grant is a Walkley award winning journalist, author and professor of global studies at Griffith University. His knowledge and experience render him an ideal contributor on Indigenous housing and many of the broader political and social challenges facing our secto... view