Susan Bailey

PhD Candidate, University of Technology Sydney

 Susan Bailey

Susan is a PhD. candidate with the University of Technology Sydney and a non-executive director in the not-for-profit sector in NSW. She has over 30 years’ legal and executive experience in the private and public sectors. Susan was appointed to the Argyle Community Housing Ltd. board in 2016. She has also volunteered on the boards of community organisations in the disability sector.

Susan’s research introduces families and community organisations as strategic entrepreneurs. She explores the activities and strategies of families and community organisations to create homes for adults with disability to enable those adults to live with more independence in their own community close to friends and family members. In taking action, families and community organisations are grass-roots innovators. Navigating constrained housing systems and other barriers, they work across sector boundaries to meet housing need.

Susan’s PhD. candidature is supervised by Dr. Pernille H. Christensen and Professor Shankar Sankaran at the University of Technology Sydney, and Dr. Michael Millington at the University of Sydney.