Sylwia Pichel

Department of Health and Human Services VIC

 Sylwia  Pichel

Sylwia is part of the team that was established to work on the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services’ management of and response to the Victorian Ombudsman’s own motion investigation into the management of maintenance claims against public housing tenants (2017).  Further work ensued as the team was charged with designing solutions to implement 18 recommendations, all of which were accepted by the department.

The multi-disciplinary team combines decades of community services operational experience and public policy development across a diversity of settings. This has enabled a re-think in the design of operational guidance while informing a change management and communications approach with the front-line public housing workforce.

During this journey the team has worked collaboratively and productively with investigators, executives, peak bodies, academics and the public housing workforce in Victoria to develop a person-centred approach fit for purpose in a contemporary public housing service delivery program.

Through our combined experience we were able to put a recognition of public housing workforce and practice firmly on the departmental agenda.

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