Ms Margaret Pfoh, CEO of the Canadian Aboriginal Housing Management Association (AHMA), will present an important International keynote address at the National Housing Conference (NHC) in Darwin later this year, highlighting the successes and methods of expanding Indigenous housing programs. Ms Pfoh has great experience in building up Indigenous housing programs in Canada: she is Tsimshian […]

Six new sessions announced for #NHC2019 The first day of concurrent sessions are now online for the NHC’s 2019 program. These sessions touch on a variety of important issues – from older women as an emerging vulnerable cohort to approaches to disability accommodation under the NDIS, methods on keeping private rental equitable and an important […]

Following the final plenary session, we will celebrate the end of a successful conference with a closing brunch overlooking the stunning Darwin waterfront precinct. Caiti Baker – a vocalist, front woman and local legend – will be performing at this networking event for us. Caiti released her debut album ZINC on October 6 2017. This follows a […]

Major shifts in where and how Australians live is a major focus for this year’s NHC program. We know that Australians are living in urban areas at higher rates than ever before and more than a quarter of all households are private renters. Under the banner of Housing future communities, the 2019 program brings three […]

The Northern Territory’s Department of Local Government, Housing and Community Development has announced a grant program to help eligible organisations attend the National Housing Conference in 2019. This grant will enable attendance of up to 56 key stakeholders who provide housing and homelessness services in the Territory. NGO and not-for-profit workers from all over Australia […]

The Tiwi Strong Women’s Group have been singing together since they were young girls, learning traditional songs from their mothers and grandmothers. Now in their 50s, 60s and 70s, they still sing every day, and they are teaching the stories and traditional knowledge held in the songs to their grandchildren. They work in the community as […]

Multiple sessions within the 2019 theme Housing future communities will draw on the lived experience of Indigenous people around Australia and the world to help present a case for impactful change required into the future and now. Appropriate and affordable housing is a vital foundation for wellbeing that supports education and employment pathways, yet many […]

In the weeks leading up to the National Housing Conference, Darwin will be lit up with diverse arts programming across stages, art galleries and more. Over 18 days last year, there were 228 events across 31 venues. This year the Darwin Festival celebrates 40 years of showcasing all the Northern Territory’s capital has to offer. […]

Following last week’s announcement of our first plenary session, State(s) of Housing Policy, we are now thrilled to release the first installment of the conference program – outlining the six major concurrent sessions for Darwin. This provides an insight into our dominant discussion points under this year’s theme of housing future communities. Here are an […]

State(s) of Housing We are thrilled to announce our first major plenary for NHC 2019 – a national debate on Australia’s housing system with perspectives from every state and territory. In 2019 more than a million households in Australia are under housing stress. In this action-led session, housing chief executives from all states and territory […]