Understanding how mental health links to housing


The session ‘Mental Health and Housing’ will explore new understandings of the interplay between mental health, homelessness and sustaining tenancies at the NHC 2019.

A new partnership between Mind Australia and AHURI is seeing a new study roll out nationally. The study, ‘Trajectories: the interplay between mental health and housing pathways’ includes nation-wide consultations, evidence building, and analysis to map the mental health pathways of people with lived experience of mental health issues, the interaction of these pathways, and the potential points of intervention identified through this understanding.

Many River Regional Housing, a NSW-based Aboriginal housing management corporation, will join AHURI’s Nicola Brackertz and Mind Australia’s Sarah Pollock to explore Indigenous Australian experiences of trauma-related mental health illnesses in relation to Aboriginal social housing tenancies.

NSW mental health and Aboriginal Communities
Source: https://nswmentalhealthcommission.com.au/mental-health-and/aboriginal-communities

A close correlation between Indigenous life expectancy and mental illness diagnoses has been drawn by the NSW Mental Health Commission, citing that 10% of the 8.5-9.3 year life-expectancy gap is due to mental health issues.

Given that the data Trajectories is drawing on already states that deteriorating mental health significantly increases the likelihood of subsequent forced moves, the correlation between Indigenous mental health and housing is pertinent to this topic.

The National Housing Conference will be held from 27–30 August 2019 at the Darwin Convention Centre.

This findings will be included in the following minor concurrent session on Thursday 29 August 2019:

Mental health and housing


  • Nicola Brackertz, AHURI
  • Sarah Pollock, Mind Australia
  • Megan Lawrance and Desley Slade, Many Rivers Regional Housing