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Jayden Battey

Servants Community Housing Limited

Jayden Battey


Jayden Battey is a live-in house manager and communications manager for Servants Community Housing. Living alongside 28 adult men with experiences of acute psychiatric illness, disability, incarceration, homelessness and trauma, Jayden has a deep passion for understanding how relationships between diverse people can unlock new learnings, empathy, agency and personal transformation. His desire to better understand the potential for community engagement to address public health issues sees him travelling to India and Mexico in 2023, conducting research into community-led mental health recovery programs; and as an Australian representative at the UN-affiliated ASF Youth Summit in New York City.

Jayden has written for ABC news about the power of connection in transforming people's lives, and in doing so has featured, alongside his wife Mikyla, on Channel 10's The Project. In 2023, and as part of his Masters in Public Policy & Management at University of Melbourne, he will complete a thesis on the role and challenges for community-sector organisations in working with government to address homelessness in Victoria.