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Maxine Carlton

Tangentyere Council Aboriginal Corporation

Maxine Carlton

Maxine Carlton is an indigenous woman heavily involved with the welfare of the Town Camps of Alice Springs as the current president of Anthelk-Ewlpaye (Charles Creek) Town Camp, she is also a member of the Board of Directors of Tangentyere Council and was the second female President of Tangentyere Council.

During her time as president of Tangentyere Council, Maxine said she was passionate about women’s issues. “We face challenges every day, we started the Women’s Safety Committee and we have a lot to do with the Women’s Shelter as well,” she said.

Maxine is also passionate about speaking for our rights, specifically for the rights of families, mothers and children and wants to help with everyday issues and problems. As such she is involved in Local Decision Making.

Maxine said that it’s important for our community to have strong women in it and that she hopes that in the future, more and more women will stand up for their rights.

“I hope all of our Town Camp women become strong and keep advocating for younger ones to take part”.

“We need to achieve goals for our future”.

Maxine is also a NAATI Accredited Warlpiri Interpreter.

Maxine has worked within the legal system for 18+ years as both an interpreter and a client services/field officer while working at the Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service (CAALAS).

Through her work at Legal Aid she helped people who are going through the court system that need help with understanding legal issues.

Whilst at NAAJA Alice Springs, Maxine was awarded the NT Human Rights Awards ‘The Fitzgerald’s’ Justice Award – individual winner. (This award is for taking action to ensure the promotion, protection and fulfilment of human rights in the area of justice in the Northern Territory).

Maxine was also Awarded the Trevor Christian Award in 2011 for the runner up of ATSILS of the year.