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Rachel Trinder

Kainga Ora - Homes and Communities


Rachel Trinder is the Manager for Waste Minimisation and Site Clearance at Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities, the largest public housing landlord and urban development agency in New Zealand. The demand for public housing in New Zealand has never been higher, and Kāinga Ora is using their scale as a residential developer to deliver transformation in the construction sector in New Zealand.

Rachel has 15 years’ experience in the sector, and is leading the team to reduce construction and demolition waste with over 50,000 tonnes being diverted from landfill over the last 2 financial years.

In the 2022 New Zealand Procurement Excellence Awards, the Kāinga Ora Waste Minimisation Programme won the overall Supreme Award, and the Social and Environment Impact of the Year category award. Rachel personally won the Zero Waste, Growing the Category award.

Rachel is passionate about contributing to the fight against climate change and the meaningful impact her work in waste minimisation will have on future generations.