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National Housing Conference 2023: A way forward – Registration now open!


National Housing Conference 2023: A Way Forward

Sessions are being developed in line with the conference major themes:

  • Community and wellbeing
  • Investment and supply
  • Innovation and collaboration 

We are delighted to announce that Federal Housing Minister, the Hon Julie Collins MP will be providing the opening address on day one of the conference.

All Plenary and Major Concurrent sessions will be part of the virtual registration, as well as three Concurrent sessions in each block (these are marked as Virtual in the program below) and each Think Tank session.  All of these will be recorded and available on demand after the session for all full conference delegates. (Those attending only one day, that day's sessions.)  Please note that where a session is marked Virtual, all the presenters will be in-person (with the exception of Plenary 5).

Thank you to our Program Advisory Group and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Group for their advice and assistance in the development of the program for 2023.

Click on the plus sign below to expand each session.


Recordings of the sessions marked as virtual will be made available through the SGCH NHC2023 Portal. Please bear with us as we load them up into the portal.  All recordings will be available from 17 October. Where there were PowerPoint presentations used by the presenters, we will upload them as well,  The recordings will be exclusive for all delegates until end of December 2023.

Tuesday 10 October

  • 7.30am Sunrise Sessions

    Sunrise session: Measuring what Matters: Demonstrating the value created by well-designed social and affordable housing


    Sunrise session: Showcasing modern methods of construction by Office of the Queensland Government Architect


    • Leah Lang Queensland Government Architect
    • Peter Nelson, office of the Queensland Government Architect
  • 9.00am Welcome to the Conference


    Includes Welcome to Country, Introduction from AHURI and Ministerial address.



  • 9.30am Plenary 1: National Agenda Conversation


    Australia is experiencing genuine challenges in our housing systems – insufficient and slowing supply, extremely low rental vacancy levels resulting in a lack of available housing for many households, rising rents, high home purchase prices not dampened by increasing interest rates, and mortgage stress. These challenges are compounded by changing population distribution putting regional markets into new levels of difficulty, as well as climate change and sustainability challenges in need of urgent response. This session explores how we are responding to myriad housing challenges as a nation.



    Facilitator: Dr Michael Fotheringham, AHURI

  • 10.30am Morning tea

    Exhibition Precinct

  • 11.00am Major Concurrent Sessions

    MC1: Financing and investing in new housing supply Virtual

    Delivering new housing supply requires significant investment. This session explores new ways of financing housing delivery, bringing together diverse perspectives working to address a key housing challenge.


    Facilitator: Carrie Hamilton

    MC2: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander home ownership  Virtual

    Rates of home ownership remain relatively low. This session explores options and innovations to increase ownership rates among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander households, and how well they are working.


    Facilitator: Zachariah Matysek, National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Housing Association (NATSIHA)

    MC3: State of the Cities  Virtual

    Given Australia’s population distribution, the greatest number of people are living in our cities, in both central and suburban locations. Local governments are increasingly engaged in housing affordability issues. This session examines leading responses in metropolitan solutions.


    Facilitator: Matt Collins, Planning Institute of Australia

  • 12.30pm Lunch

    Exhibition Precinct

  • 1.30pm Concurrent Sessions

    C1: Cross sector collaboration for better renting
    What are the challenges and opportunities when partnerships form between different sectors to support good outcomes for renters?


    Facilitator: Kirstine Harvie, Department of Housing (Qld)

    C2: Housing and Climate: retrofit and circular economy perspectives Virtual

    Changing climates and rising energy costs are closely linked to housing quality and sustainability. This session considers sustainable building, retrofit practices and energy efficiency.


    Facilitator: Dr Trivess Moore, RMIT University

    C3: Australian Housing First experiences Virtual

    This session explores recent programs designed from a Housing First perspective, with particular interest in pandemic era responses.


    Facilitator: Dr Tom Alves, AHURI

    C4: Housing solutions for young people leaving care Virtual

    Leaving out of home care for young people is a key transition. Recent changes in policy and practice are creating opportunities for positive outcomes.


    Facilitator: Dan Jefferson, KPMG

    C5: Housing co-operatives

    Co-operative housing models are less common in Australia than similar countries. This session considers what are the benefits of this approach and how we can build this sector.


    Facilitator: Chantal Raine, Department of Housing

    C6: Boosting home ownership through shared equity

    A range of innovative shared equity programs are seeking to support home ownership – This session considers how these programs are different to earlier state government programs and their prospects.


    Facilitator: Geoff Slack, Your Place Housing

    Think Tank 1: Innovative practices in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander housing Virtual

    How are providers, government agencies and partners innovating in delivery of positive housing outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander households and communities?


  • 3.00pm Afternoon Tea

    Exhibition Precinct

  • 3.30pm Plenary 2: Rental Systems - International perspectives



    What can we learn from the management and regulation of private rental markets in other countries? This plenary panel session draws on experience in Canada and the US, along with Australian experiences.


    Facilitator: Eleri Morgan-Thomas, Homes Tasmania

Community Housing Limited Welcome Reception

5.00pm Community Housing Limited Welcome Reception

Join us for the Welcome Reception, proudly sponsored by Community Housing Limited, being held in the Exhibition Precinct. 

Network, mingle and catch up in a relaxed environment with old friends and new, colleagues and the exhibitors.

Community Housing Limited

Wednesday 11 October

  • 7.30am Sunrise Session

    Sunrise Session - From Across the Ditch

    Lessons from programs and services in New Zealand with presentations from:

    Sunrise Session - Lessons learned on urban regeneration in London – the Elephant Park project

    Lendlease’s urban regeneration of Elephant Park in London, due for completion in 2027, offers one of the best examples of our expertise and experience to deliver large scale estate renewal projects. The 10 hectare precinct, a partnership between Lendlease and Southwark Council, will deliver 3,208 apartments (including 25% affordable) as well as new retail and public spaces

    Hear from Ed Mayes, Lendlease Project Director on the lessons learned from this project, in a Q&A discussion with Scott Langford, Group CEO, SGCH


    Sunrise Session - Sticking the Landing: Lessons learned on how to get the Capital to Stack

    This session will unpack recent examples of innovative social and affordable housing deals. The investor panel will then delve into the evolving role equity and debt can play in the delivery of housing.


  • 8.45am Welcome to day 2 & Plenary 3: States of the Nation


    This panel session draws together leaders from a range of segments of Australia’s housing systems, covering housing policy, research and advocacy, private rental, social housing, and homeownership. Discussion will focus on current challenges and opportunities to improve housing outcomes across the nation, and how we can work together to find a way forward.


    Facilitator: Dr Michael Fotheringham



  • 10.15am Morning Tea

    Exhibition precinct

  • 10.45am Concurrent Sessions

    C7: Lived experiences of housing vulnerability

    This session explores a range of lived experiences of housing vulnerability, and considers how these experiences can inform policy to better support vulnerable households.


    Facilitator: Mark Francis, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Housing Queensland

    C8: Better access to housing for people living with mental health issues

    This session will present models and partnerships designed to increase access to and knowledge of the NDIS and housing for people living with mental health issues.


    Faciltator: Dr Nicola Brackertz, AHURI

    C9: Towards better renting experiences Virtual

    Australia’s rental markets are under enormous strain – this session showcases emerging tools and programs amplifying the voices and supporting the needs of renters.


    Factilitator: Emma Greenhalgh, National Shelter

    C10: New models for youth housing

    This session discusses new collaborations and programs offering housing with support for young people at risk of homelessness and how these lead to better outcomes both short- and long-term.


    Facilitator: Kate Colvin, Homelessness Australia

    C11: Escaping Violence Virtual

    What factors contribute to better long-term safety and housing outcomes for women, and how are programs responding to need?


    Facilitator: Louise Simms, Safe and Equal

    C12: Designing better homes for older Australians living in social housingVirtual

    How are emerging programs and service offerings housing vulnerable older Australians considering built form and community building factors?


    Facilitator: Fiona York, Housing for the Aged Action Group

    Think Tank 2: Collaboration in a time of crisis Virtual

    This session will explore how collaboration and service coordination are being used to design programs to meet complex and specific needs.



  • 12.15pm Lunch

    Exhibition precinct

  • 1.15pm Ministerial Address

    Ministerial Address by Hon Meaghan Scanlon

  • 1.45pm Plenary 4: A way forward for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Housing


    How can Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander housing specialists address a legacy of government policy and intervention on present day housing challenges? What are the opportunities and how can we maximise them across urban, regional and remote settings?


    • Rob MacFarlane, National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Housing Association (NATSIHA)
    • Lisa Sampson, Aboriginal Community Housing Industry Association (ACHIA)
    • Neil Willmett, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Housing Queensland
    • Skye Thompson, CEO Aboriginal Housing Northern Territory


  • 3.15pm Afternoon Tea

    Exhibition Precinct

  • 3.45pm Plenary 5: Decarbonising Australia’s housing sector – lessons from Europe



    This plenary session seeks to expose our audience to leading international policies and ideas. Climate change and its impacts present fundamental challenges for housing. In this session we hear from an international policy leader about responding to these challenges through a program of decarbonisation, and discuss the opportunities for change and innovation this presents in Australia.


    Faciltator: Dr Tom Alves, AHURI

Indigenous Business Australia Conference Dinner

7.00pm Indigenous Business Australia Official Conference Dinner

Proudly brought to you by Indigenous Business Australia, the Official Conference Dinner will be held at the stunning Rivershed, Howard Smith Wharves, 5 Boundary St, Brisbane.

Network while enjoying the beautiful views of the iconic Storey Bridge and across the Brisbane CBD skyline.

Bookings for the dinner are separate to the conference registration and cost $160 per person (inc GST) for a two course meal and drinks.

Don't forget to book your ticket when buying your registration. If you did forget, contact the AHURI Events team to purchase your ticket today.

Indigenous Business Australia

Thursday 12 October

  • 09.00am Major Concurrent Sessions

    MC4: Planning and design      Virtual

    How can planning and design enhance housing outcomes and the provision of new housing supply?


    • John Brockhoff, Planning Institute of Australia (PIA)
    • Amy Degenhart, degenhartSHEDD
    • David Islip, Office of Victorian Government Architect
    • Tess Pickering, Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning (QLD)

    Facilitator: Dr Tom Alves, AHURI

    MC5: New thinking in regional housing   Virtual

    Since the onset of the pandemic, new challenges have emerged for regional housing markets. How are governments and communities responding to these challenges and ensuring good housing outcomes?


    Facilitator: Kim Houghton, Regional Institute Australia

    MC6: Housing systems and structural change   Virtual

    Australia’s housing systems continue to evolve – what are the system level responses we need to ensure more positive outcomes and better coordination among key stakeholders?


    Facilitator: Peter Mares

  • 10.30am Morning Tea

    Exhibition Precinct

  • 11.00am Concurrent Sessions

    C13: Aboriginal community housing – a specialist sector Virtual

    How are Aboriginal community housing providers responding to community need, developing workforce capacity, and partnering for better outcomes?


    Facilitator Paula Coghill

    C14: Placemaking and community building

    A placemaking perspective puts housing provision in a neighbourhood and community context – what are the implications for service providers and funders?


    Facilitator: Rachel Hornsby, Hornsby & Co

    C15: The building role of local governments Virtual

    Local governments are increasingly engaged in addressing housing affordability and homelessness – what opportunities does this engagement bring, and what are the barriers?


    Facilitator: Liz de Chastel, Australian Local Government Association

    C16: Improving tenant outcomes in social housing

    Sustaining positive tenancies and supporting the broader wellbeing of tenants is a key concern for social landlords. This session explores recent innovations in monitoring and maintaining good tenant outcomes.


    Facilitator: Fiona Caniglia, Q Shelter

    C17: Head leasing programs Virtual

    In head leasing programs, private rental property is rented by a community housing provider or a government agency, to then be let to a social tenant. How are these programs being adapted in new ways?


    Facilitator: Emma Greenhalgh, National Shelter


    Think Tank 3: Repurposing property Virtual

    How can we make more efficient use of property to deliver positive housing outcomes in the short term?



  • 12.30pm Lunch

    Mezzanine Level

  • 1.30pm Closing Plenary 6: A way forward for the housing system



    At the close of the conference, drawing together the lessons and experiences across the conference program, as well as recent evidence and policy reform agendas, this final session tackles the key question: what is the way forward for housing in Australia?


    • Mary Delahunty, Seven Advisory
    • Debbie McNamara, Economic Development Queensland
    • Darren Mew, Blue CHP
    • Helen Waters Silvia, National Housing & Supply Affordability Council

    Facilitator: Dr Michael Fotheringham, AHURI


  • 3pm Wrapping it all up

    Pulling together all the sessions.

Kat Flowers

3.00pm Networking Closing Drinks

Plaza Terrace Room, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Join colleagues, new friends and old for the Networking Closing Drinks to be held in the Plaza Terrace Room, at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Commencing after the final plenary session, this is a great opportunity to network and discuss things you heard over the previous three days, firm up new connections and enjoy canapes and drinks.

The Networking Closing Drinks are included in the full conference in-person registration and the Thursday only in-person registration.

EntertainmentKat Flowers

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